Hello Friday!

It seems lately like the weeks are flying by and I know I probably say it a lot. Maybe it’s because the little guy is almost 9 months old and the naps are shorter and the time he is active is longer.  My favs this week is a short list but I promised to only share the best with you guys… So here goes: 

Recipes:  We  have made quite a lot of meatballs… These are quite delish. The combo of ricotta, cinnamon, and orzo really rocks! We  did dried basil instead of fresh and served them with a side of steamed broccoli instead of pasta. 

Ricotta and Cinnamon Meatballs

Items Bought: This week we said bye bye to cable. I did a little research and signed us up for sling tv. When you sign up for 3 months in advance you can get a Roku 3 for half off… Also we have Netflix, Hulu, and HBO now. Justin grabbed us a digital antenna too. I’m still getting used to the change. The biggest thing is no more dvr. 

Little man 💚s: As he gets older it seems like he is really interested in everything that is not a toy (iPhone, tv remote, etc). My mom brought over this Fisher Price remote and he loves it.  Some of the phrases are kind of crazy and so Justin and I are getting a good laugh at it. 

Hope your Friday is awesome! 



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