Friday Favs round 3

TGIF pals! I’m not gonna lie that I might instead be saying TGIS tomorrow… Justin has been on a work trip in Hong Kong since last Saturday and I cannot wait to see him tomorrow! Major gold stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to all the single moms out there… I am sooo tired… I have been going to bed at 9:30 every night and saying a little prayer that the little man will sleep through the night… So far so good 🙂 Alas I am rambling and I need to fill y’all in on our Friday favs this week. 

Recipes: I cooked one night this week. Little man and I met people for dinner and also I made some pretty basic stuff for myself during the week that really could not be considered cooking. This grilled salmon with honey soy glaze I made though was so good. I have had this recipe for a couple of years but don’t make it as much as I like because Justin doesn’t eat fish. Since he was away I made it for my pal, Alli. Our babies are a couple months apart and they are sooo cute when they play together. 

Random items bought: I love love love my Woven Pear socks. I’ve talked about them before but they had a deal for their birthday this week (buy a pair and get a random pair free). I ended up getting the pair with bicycles on them. 

Little Guy ❤️s: He is really into a ton of different things this week. We tried out his rocking chair today and he was giggling and smiling a bunch. Also he loves holding his own books right now and he has been mesmerized by my phone this week too. I remembered that my mom got him this play iPhone and he has enjoyed pushing all the buttons and watching them light up. 


Happy Weekend!




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