Craveable Chocolate Cupcakes

Last week the little man and I surprised my mom at work on her birthday. We brought her cupcakes but these are no ordinary cupcakes these are extra special because I took my Aunt Bobbye’s legendary chocolate cake recipe and made cupcakes for the first time with it. 

Now the back story on this cake. This cake is legendary because it is something my aunt is known for… Any special occasion this cake has been present for and it is in my opinion one of the best chocolate cakes and I am sure my cousins and brother would agree with me. So I share this with y’all because I want you to try it out because I can promise you it doesn’t disappoint. Also I’m pretty excited because our little family just booked tickets to go see my Aunt Bobbye and my cousins and all these adorable kiddos next month  and…. I’m betting that when we all get together this cake will definitely be there… 😊


PS- I’m lazy and I took a picture from my recipe binder.🙂



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