Friday Favs February 19, 2016

This week I cooked more and we ended up staying home more too. Little man turned 8 months this week too. Where is my baby? 

Recipes- I ended up making fajitas this week and instead of using one of those spice packets I just seasoned the chicken with Lawrys seasoned salt. We both liked it a lot more and I think this will become “the norm” for us when we make fajitas now. Also I made Cincinnati Chili. I saw the recipe on the Cooking Channel show, Sweet Julia. When my husband and I were dating we went to Cincinnati to visit his family and I had Skyline chili. It’s delicious and the thing I learned is that you have to specify how you want your chili. 

 2-Way: chili and spaghetti

 3-Way: chili and cheese

 4-Way: add onions or kidney beans
 5-Way: add onions and kidney beans
We both chose to eat it with spaghetti, cheese, and onions. 

Random items bought- I didn’t really buy anything this week. I did use the gap cash I had to buy the little dude some more clothes. He is growing like a weed and I like to buy the next size up when I can. 


Little Guy Loves- This is an easy one because my husband snapped a photo today when we met him for lunch. Now that he can sit in a high chair when we go out he is loving toys that suction to the table. His favorite one is a monkey that has a mirror on the foot.
Happy Friday 🙂



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