Friday Favorites

  I have been meaning to blog and time has just been moving so fast the last few weeks. Also my little man has decided he is over long naps. I miss 2 hour naps and would love to see them come back. The short 30 minute naps are just not giving me time to get stuff done… I’m done rambling… I was thinking this morning that I want to start posting every Friday what my favorite things were from the previous week (recipes, items I found, things the little guy loves, etc) so…here goes the first post of my favs: 

Recipes: Giada’s Garlic Roasted Chicken and    Bobby Flay’s Sweet Potato Biscuits 

These were two separate dinners. I like to bake the sweet potatoes the night before,mash them, and store them in the fridge. The biscuits we served with scrambled eggs with Parmesan. The roasted chicken we served with white rice. I have made both of these recipes a couple times and I really enjoy how they turn out each time I make them. 

Random items bought: Chuao S’mores Bar

I love chocolate! I saw this on a grocery trip and snatched it up. I love how there are marshmallows on the back of the bar. 

Little guy loves: This week it’s a toss up between our dog, Leo and his piano from his Kick and Play

Happy Weekend 🙂



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