Work Out Must Haves

I found this photo on Instagram. I’m all about hitting the gym 3 times a week for not only my health but sanity. I do intervals on the treadmill for 35 minutes and I don’t love it immensely while I am doing it, but afterwards I am always glad I went. I have 3 things that are a must for me when I head to the gym. 

1. My headband… I am one of those people that does not glisten at the gym. I sweat like a volcano which is not cute but the truth. Sweaty Bands keep my wispy hairs out of my face and keep the sweat out of my face too. I have been using them for years and I love them.  I throw them in a lingeree bag and wash them with my gym clothes and I let them air dry. 

2. My water bottle… I have to have water at the gym. Also I am my mom’s child and I hate when water glasses or water bottles sweat (I’m a nut).  Polar Bottles do not sweat and are great in my opinion. They are insulated too. A year ago we stopped buying bottle water. Justin and I have our own water bottles and we try to fill them up a couple times a day. 

3. My shoes… I am a firm believer in if you invest in good shoes they can make your work out experience much better. I have tried a variety of shoes and for me the best ones are Brooks. I wear the  Ravennas. I tried them out about 3 years ago when a friend recommended them. They have just the right amount of support for my feet. 

What are your work out must haves? 

Happy Friday! 



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