2015 in review

Wow, it’s December and I have a 6 month old. When I reflect back on this past year what I think most is I am so thankful. I don’t like to overshare but I will say that we did have a hard time getting pregnant. That’s why I find the word thankful to be the right word to use when I reflect on 2015. Our little man is such a love. He’s got the chill personality of my husband and he’s got the best smile. He has made me take a step back and try to be more present in the moment.   I know most people are not sharing New Years resolutions yet but in case you were wondering…. My resolution is to blog more. 

Left- day he was born 

Right- 2 days ago 

Happy Holidays! 



One thought on “2015 in review

  1. I have tears coming down my cheeks.
    My New Years resolution is to learn from my “previous love of my life” grandson and son-in-law to try to be calm love me them. I am thankful for my family, it’s the best thing anyone could have.


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