Spooky Sodas


We are going to a friends house for Halloween. I asked her what I could bring and she said she really didn’t need anything. I really didn’t want to show up empty handed and… while I was watching The Kitchen (food network show) that I dvred (yes, I made that a verb.) I saw that Marcela made Mummy covered Coke bottles. They didn’t look hard and they were a tad crafty so I knew I had to do it. I made 2 stops for this craft: Hyvee and Michaels. Not too hard to make and the end result is quite spooky cute I must say. Here is what you need.

12 glass sodas

1 spool of tulle

12 white pieces of tissue paper

24 googly eyes

1 hot glue gun

I wrapped each bottle in tissue paper and next in tulle. I was able to tuck the end of each piece of tulle into a previous piece I had wrapped. I finished by carefully hot gluing the eyes on.

Happy Halloween 🎃



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