Mama goes to Vegas!


I’m sitting in Starbucks in the Mirage writing this post. I’m sipping a chai tea latte and contemplating the idea of stealing the chair at the table next to me to elevate my feet. Justin and I are leaving Vegas tonight. In 3 hours we are going to the Cirque Love show and after that the airport.  We will land in the Twin Cities tomorrow morning.

We have had a great trip. I will tell you leaving our 4 month old little man was one of the hardest things I have done. Thank goodness my husband is so amazing at comforting me. I cried when we walked into the airport, when we got to the terminal, when we boarded the plane and when we got to Vegas. The next morning I felt a ton better but I will tell all my pals be prepared for the waterworks the first time you leave your little one. I have no doubts our little man is in great hands with his grandparents but the separation you feel is very hard.

Here are a couple things we would recommend from our trip.

image image

  1. Yardbird Restaurant(in the Venetian)-Get the fried chicken, mac & cheese, grits, and biscuits. We heard the fried green tomatoes were good but didn’t try them. image
  2. Bellagio Conservatory– It’s FREE! We enjoyed walking around and looking at how creative they were using flowers.  Also the ceiling in the Bellagio entrance is a Chihuly installation and is definitely worth a look. image
  3. The fountain outside of the Bellagio– another FREE experience that we loved. We watched it a couple of times. They choreograph to music and use different songs at different times of the day. It only lasts a couple of minutes.


These are a couple of highlights. Neither of us won big at the casinos and we would not be the ones to ask about partying but we found our Vegas vacation to be the perfect retreat for us.



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