Baby… I’m worth it… 

This post is going to be quick…my little one is asleep in the mamaroo and had a bottle 2 1/2 hours ago so judging by his predictability he will be waking and demanding a bottle in the next half hour…so I don’t have much time to blog but anyways… I have a question for you guys… Is this item worth it? I just want to state that I do not own it/nor would I buy it because my husband would kill me because it would be another kitchen appliance  crammed onto our lovely counters but it’s enticing I must say. Now why would I find it interesting? Well it’s not the price… I did some quick research online and found the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker ranges in price from $140.07-$159.99. I think it might actually be helpful. If you are like me and are primarily bottle feeding it could save time. I mean I love making a bottle and measuring out 2 1/2 scoops of formula powder and trying to line up the 5 ounces of water from the fridge while my 11 week old screams bloody murder at 4 am…It’s crazy I mean friends who have older kids have let us in on the secret of making bottles ahead of time and storing in the fridge but maybe this thing could help someone like my husband, and I… Those first time parents who believe that the Fisher Price Rock N Play really could be the best thing ever invented and that sometimes we could use a little help to give us a chance to take a breath… But anyways I’m rambling so you tell me… What do you think? Is it worth it? 



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